Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Celeb Compliment

One of my customers from Nashville emailed me the following today: Steph, my friend Amy got her IMP Longalls last night and called me FREAKING out! She dresses Madeleine very well but said that the overalls were the cutest outfit that Madeleine has ever had. What a compliment to E&H. She also said "does that store smell like heaven?" I laughed and said "Yes, the clothes from E&H smell good enough to eat!" She went to Gymboree this morning and called to tell me that Martina McBride was in her class and even commented on the cute duds...woo hooo celeb compliment!!

Madeleine and Martina

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Amy J said...


you did not tell me about all the braggin' going on in nashveagas!...your blog looks great, looking forward to coming to see ya this week!