Thursday, October 29, 2009


Boy's blue/white gingham longall with Santa faces. Sizes 2T - 4T. Boy's blue/white gingham long romper with a Santa face. Sizes 12 - 24mo. Girl's long sleeve bishop with Santa faces. Sizes 12mo - 6X.
The longall
The long romper
The bishop
The smocking detail on the longall
Detail on the romper
Detail on the bishop
Pink gown and blue gown with a Santa face. Sizes 0-3mo. Pink knit romper and blue knit romper with a Santa face. Sizes 6mo - 24mo.
Detail on the romper

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Light pink roll neck sweater with a snowman and bubblegum roll around the sleeve and pink stitching around the arms. This is perfect to wear all winter long! Sizes 2T - 6X. Green roll neck sweater with a reindeer. Sizes 2T - 6X.

Here is the first of the letter sweater orders. How cute are all the different colors?
My nephew and niece at the beach in their letter sweaters! Send us pictures of your children in theirs!
Somehow this Sophie Dess snuck in the store on me and I never took a picture of it. It is a long sleeve blue romper with pleats. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Pink/red geometric "Andrea" dress. This dress is so cute for the older girls!!! Sizes 5 - 7.
Short sleeve "nursery rhyme" print dress with blue ric rac around the collar. This dress is a great year round option and one of our favorite prints!!! Sizes 12mo - 4T.
The print.
Girl's long sleeve blue flannel swing top and pants with white smocking. This is so sweet for winter! Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
The detail.
Long sleeve white infant gown. This is perfect for monogramming either in the center or on the collar. Sizes 0, 3mo, 6mo.
Long sleeve white infant gown with blue piping around the collar. Also good for monogramming the collar or in the center. Sizes 0, 3mo, 6mo.


BUSY is the only word to describe the past couple of weeks! We are so excited about all of the new merchandise arriving and will be receiving more holiday possibly today! We have another shipment of Mary James that is perfect to start wearing now! We also got in Swaddle Design blankets. These make the best gifts and are a must have for every new mom and baby!
These are some of our favorites from Mary James...the sweaters that zip up the back!!! We have the white in the 9 - 24mo. and the blue in the 9 - 4T. The zipper starts at the bottom and zips all the way up through the hood.
The back of the white sweater.
The back of the blue sweater.
"Abby" white short sleeve top with a floral print around the collar and sleeves and a flower smocked in the center. The pants are hot pink cordurory and have elastic around the bottom. (sorry they look red in this picture). Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Detail on the blouse.
Short sleeve green cordurory "Allison" dress with floral accents and a pocket. Sizes 12mo - 6X. On the right the "Abby" short sleeve floral top with smocking in the cetner and green cord pants with elastic on the bottom. Sizes 12mo. - 4T
Trim of the dress.Detail on the blouse.
White infant gown with pink dots and a cupcake. Size 3mo.
"Tommy" reversible green stripe and green gingham pants. Sizes 4 - 6X.
Green/white stripe and green/white gingham.

(oops...somehow i left out a picture of the pink with tiny pink dots, blue with tiny blue dots and green with tiny green dots)
White with green circles, white with pink circles and white with blue circles.
Green/green, pink/pink, blue/blue (the up close of the pattern is below)
Solids, pink, green, and blue.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Stephanie was very busy today at the store unloading a shipment of Auraluz, Royal Child, and our sweet friend brought more hand knit sweaters, a christening gown and more.


Pink coat with white accents lined with a thin fleece. Also a white sweater with pink accents. These are both perfect for the weather right now!!! They both come in sizes 12mo - 4T.
Boy's blue coat with white accents lined with a thin layer of fleece. Sizes 12mo. -4T. Also perfect for this weather we are having right now!
This is not a great picture but the left picture is a day gown with blue and green cows down the middle and the right is the girl version in pink and green. Sizes 0 and NB.
Girl cows
Boy cows
Long sleeve pink dress with a square collar and flower embroidery. Perfect for pictures, church, or any other special occasion! Sizes 12mo - 4T.
The collar
Blue long sleeve dress with a round collar and floral embroidery on the collar. Also perfect for church, pictures, and any other special occasion. Sizes 12mo - 4T.
The collar
White long sleeve bishop with blue smocking. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
***call for sizing info

Blue sweater with buttons down the front and a hood.
Pink sweater with buttons down the front and a hood
Green sweater with a frog.
White sweater with ladybugs and ladybug buttons
Yellow sweater with a train and yellow buttons
Christening gown with hat and booties.
Girl's purple sweater with buttons, skirt and hat.