Friday, March 28, 2008

More Paty and Kissy Kissy!!!

Paty Rompers = fabulous! These come in pink or blue, in sizes 6, 9, 12 and 18 month and look really cute with a monogram!

Paty pink stripe day dress from Paty is perfect for any baby girl! This come in sizes 3 and 6 month.

Paty gowns are wonderful for all babies! This are the softest gown ever and wash and dry beautifully! They came in the lap or button front saque in sizes Newborn, 3M and 6M. They are white trimmed in either blue, pink or white! They always make a wonderful gift!
Kissy Kissy - Star embroidered footed rompers in sizes Newborn, 3M or 6M…pink stars for the girls or blue stars for the boys.

A Kissy Kissy white converter gown with blue whales embroidered all over (sizes Newborn or 3M) or a white playsuit with pink stars embroidered all over (size 9, 12 and 18M).

Adorable converter gowns from Kissy Kissy in a elephant print…blue elephants for the boys or pink elephants for the girls comes in Preemie, Newborn or 3M.

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