Friday, August 1, 2008

ACVISA - 1st Shipment

The first of many shipments from ACVISA is now in the store. If you have never owned an outfit from this are missing out! The sweaters wash up beautifully, as do the knit outfits! These are perfect for school!

A white t-shirt with a cowboy applique for all those toddler boys - this shirt coordinates great with the red or light blue IMP corduroy pants or blue jeans.

A light pink and hot pink striped knit dress with donuts appliqued across the front - how cut are those donuts???

Pink corduroy pants with a multi-colored dot sweater for sizes 4 - 6X girls.

A light blue and blue striped cotton sweater with a red elephant front and center!

A blue sweater with a construction theme:

Another blue sweater...this time with a helicopter:

A lime green sweater with striped sleeves and a pig...OINK, OINK!!!

A pink and ivory sweater with a big purple flower:

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