Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today we got our 2nd shipment of Very Mary! Our last shipment was all knit but this shipment has a variety of fabrics and patterns.

The red gingham "Lee" dress has smocking across the top and back of the dress. The collar and sleeves are trimmed in ric rac. This dress would be perfect for Alabama, Georgia, MSU, games...and for all you local people, Decatur High football games. It is also a great option to wear for Christmas with a white Teddy Tots sweater. SIZES 2T - 5.
...AND the back of the dress. Your child will be cute coming and going!

Turquoise Blue Corduory "Edie" dress trimmed in a blue/green floral pattern. It also has a precious back to it (see next picture). SIZES 2T - 5.
...and the back

Pink flannel "Kathy" 2 piece pants outfit. The fabric is a light pink and hot pink pattern. The collar is trimmed in ric rac and the sleeves have ric rac above them also. SIZES 2T - 4T.

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