Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday we got some of our first Spring shipments...Anavini and Mela Wilson. If you are planning a trip to a beach or an indoor pool soon :) are in luck because we even got in bathing suits!!! There is still LOTS more Spring coming, including bathing suits so keep checking the blog. I will post the new clothes as they arrive. Also, don't forget about our sale for any last minute Fall/Winter items you may need now or for next year!

Hot pink and white gingham two-piece bathing suit with whales smocked across the center. The top crosses in the back and has green ric rac around the ruffle. Sizes 2T - 4T.
One piece pink/white seersucker with fish smocked on the front. This suit also crosses in the back. The neck and ruffle are both trimmed with hot pink ric rac. Sizes 12mo - 4T.

Green/white seersucker swim trunks with fish smocking. The band of the trunks is a green gingham and the tie is orange. Sizes 12mo - 4T.
Blue/green gingham swim trunks with a pirate smocked on the bottom. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Blue/White check swim trunks with a turtle smocked on the leg. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.

White knit dress trimmed in pink with two roses. Sizes 12mo - 4T.
Short sleeve blue knit day gown with a baby carriage. Sizes 0mo - 6mo.
Short sleeve pink knit day gown with roses . Sizes 0mo - 6mo.

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