Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lullaby Set and Anavini

Yesterday another shipment of Lullaby Set and Anavini arrived in the store. There is something for almost everybody!

Girl's Lullaby Set red/white microcheck short sleeve apron dress and boy's white apron with red/microcheck piping around the collar and coordinating diaper covers. Girl's sizes 12mo. - 4T and boy's sizes 12mo - 24mo. These are perfect for the holiday's, Valentine's Day, and football games!!!
The back of the girl's apron.
White infant sacque with pink ribbon through the middle of the gown. One Size.
Boy's baby blue diaper covers with buttons down either side. Sizes S, M, L, XL.
Pink microcheck and blue microcheck bubbles with pleats and buttons near the neck and ric rac accents. The back has a double row of buttons. This style is one of our favorites and perfect with a sweater for Fall, especially to you bloggers who live where it stays warm longer!!!
Sizes 12mo - 2T.
The back
Girl's royal blue microcheck long sleeve apron with green microcheck piping. The tab in the middle buttons on and is so sweet with a monogram! Sizes 2T - 4T. Boy's royal blue microcheck daygown with lime green microcheck accents. One size.
Anavini long sleeve white shirt with tool smocking and blue cord. pants with pockets and a cuff. Sizes 2T - 6X.
Anavini baby blue check longall with football smocking. Perfect for any football game. We also have an infant gown coming to coordinate! Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Girl's pink/white gingham long sleeve bishop with scarecrow smocking. This is perfect to wear all Fall. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
The smocking.

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