Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our First Spring Arrivals!!!

We are SO excited...the weather is getting warmer, Spring must be on the way! Well maybe not quite yet but starting today, our first Spring/Summer shipments arrived. They are Lullaby Set, Mary James, and a new line for us, Zuccini. Zuccini has a great REVERSIBLE outfit for Easter and after. This is just a taste of what will be arriving the next month or more. We ordered lots of diaper sets, short sets, shorts, dresses, bathing suits and picked up quite a few new lines along the way. We are so excited for you to see what we ordered and can not wait to post the new pictures as the boxes arrive!!!

Girl bloomer set with a tie back top and a pink gingham bubble and a blue gingham bubble. The bloomer set is pink gingham and ties across the back. This is one of our favorite styles for summer! Sizes 12mo - 4T. The bubbles are accented with ric rac and have buttons on the back. They come in sizes 12mo - 2T.
Bloomer set
Back of the bloomer set
Front of the bubble
Back of the bubble

Blue gingham and pink gingham short sleeve dresses with a white collar. These are so sweet to wear with a sweater when it is cooler. Sizes 12mo - 4T.
The back of the dresses
Girl short sleeve shirt with a green and pink seersucker hat and pink/green gingham ribbon on top. Boy short sleeve shirt with yellow, green and blue and a pom pom on top. Sizes 2T - 4T. These are great to wear for your boy/girl's party and also to wear to friends parties!!!
Girl's shirt
Boy's shirt
Boy's white short sleeve shirt with an airplane. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Boy's short set with green/white shorts and a digger smocked on the shirt. Sizes 2T - 4T.

Boy's REVERSIBLE shortall and girl's REVERSIBLE bloomer set. The shortall reverses from a bunny to an alligator and comes in sizes 2T - 4T and the bloomer set reverses from the bunny to a strawberry and comes in sizes 12mo - 4T.
Bloomer set with both sides.
Shortall with both sides showing.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure how I came across your blog. I think I googled something a couple of months ago and your site popped up. Anyway, I love the things you are receiving for Spring. My daughter must have that bloomer set from Lullaby! I love it. It would make such a cute picture. I'm also loving the t-shirt with the birthday hat. I'll call soon to do a phone order. Can't wait to see what else you having coming in