Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We are so excited to get our first shipment of Luigi knit outfits. These are a customer favorite for both boy and girl and are already flying out the door! We still have more to come so be on the look out. We did several cute outfits but also did shorts and shirts to wear as separates. The shorts would be perfect to wear with Razzle Dazzle Design shirts or a monogrammed/appliqued shirt. The separate shirts can also be mixed and matched with the shorts. If you are interested in any of the items listed in red, email or call us to pre-pay for those items and when they arrive, we will pull them for you!!!
eloiseandhenry@gmail.com or 256*350*5532


Boy's short sleeve green romper with blue accents and a sand castle, beach ball and pail. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Girl's green shirt with blue angel sleeves and a sand castle, pail and beach ball. The set has green shorts with blue dots and a ruffle. Sizes 2T - 4T. ***There is a dress coming to coordinate in sizes 4 - 6X. All other girl listed below.
Boy's short sleeve white shirt set with a sand castle, beach ball and pail and red stripe shorts. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Boy's green/white stripe romper with a bulldozer. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
White short sleeve shirt with a dump truck. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Boy's short sleeve white shirt with a dump truck. Sizes 4 - 6X.
Boy's short sleeve white romper with a giraffe. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Boy's white short sleeve short set with a giraffe and baby blue shorts. Sizes 2T - 4T.

Boy's short sleeve white shirt with a dinosaur. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Boy's short sleeve chambray shirt with a baseball. Sizes 4 - 6X. ***We are also getting a white shirt with a basketball.
Boy's separate shorts.
Navy blue (4 - 6X) and blue/white stripe (2T - 6X).
Chambray shorts and green shorts both sizes 4 - 6X.
Chambray/blue stripe shorts sizes 2T - 4T.
Boy's blue/white stripe romper with a gecko lizard. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Here lizard, lizard.
Boy's white short sleeve shirt with a grasshopper and green shorts. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Boy's white short sleeve shirt with a frog and deep red shorts. Sizes 4 - 6X.
Boy's white shirt with a fishing lure and navy/white stripe shorts. Sizes 4 - 6X.
*** Besides the items mentioned above that are backordered, we will also be receiving the following for boy's:
white shirt w/dog & blue, orange brown stripe shorts 2T - 4T and the shorts only in 4 - 6X
a white romper with a baby dinosaur


White sleeveless top with a pink ruffle and an umbrella and a pink skirt with a ruffle. Sizes 4 - 6X. ***This is also coming with the same top but pink shorts for 2T - 4T and also a bloomer set for the month sizes with striped bloomers and an umbrella on the bottom of the shirt (see ladybug).

Sleeveless dress with a gumball machine and a ruffle around the bottom of the dress and striped capri leggings. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Hot pink sleeveless top with light pink ruffle and a flower and pink stripe capris. Sizes 4 - 6X.
White swing top with an orange ladybug and orange bloomers. Sizes 12mo - 24mo.
Sleeveless dress with a white top and ladybug and white/orange stripe bottom with a ruffle. Sizes 2T - 4T.

White shirt with a with a lollipop. Sizes 2T - 6X.
Pink/white shorts with a ruffle. Sizes 2T - 6X.
White peter pan collared shirt with white trim and white with pink trim. These have a zipper at the neck instead of buttons. Sizes 24mo - 6X.
White with pink trim.

OOps...I missed the picture of the apple green shorts 2T - 4T and skirt 4 - 6X.

****Also coming for girls besides the items mentioned above:
Green shirt with purple angel sleeves and a dragonfly and purple shorts
Blue/green/pink/white stripe dress with a dragonfly 24mo - 4T
white shirt with a cupcake and pink ruffle shorts 2T - 4T
white swing top w/cupcake and light pink bloomers 12mo - 24mo
dress with angel sleeve and floral print with a solid top (to monogram) 4 - 6X
short set w/flowers and floral print shorts 4 - 6X
girl white romper with a ruffle and angel sleeves with a seahorse (floral print) 12mo-24mo
dress w/sweater material with pink top/cherries and white stripe bottom 2T - 5
white romper w/dotted ruffle and a popsicle 12mo - 24mo
white w/turquoise/pink dot shorts 2T - 4T

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