Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remember Nguyen & Anita G

Today we got in another portion of our Remember Nguyen order and also our Anita G swimsuits. Don't forget, Easter is around the corner and the Remember Nguyen would be great options for Easter and the Anita G swim suits would be great in an Easter basket!
We did not receive these dresses when the other sizes arrived so these are only in sizes 2T - 4T.
White linen angel sleeve bubble and dress with embroidery. The bubble comes in sizes 12mo - 24mo and the dress comes in sizes 2T - 4T.
The embroidery.
Button on short outfit with a white shirt trimmed in blue and a round collar. The shorts are blue check. This is a GREAT Easter option!!! Sizes 2T - 4T.

Pink/white stripe lycra swim suit and blue dotted swim suit. Sizes 12mo - 24mo. These are great for the month sizes because they snap in the stride so you don't have to take the whole bathing suit off to change a diaper!!!
The snap in the stride.
The back.

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Sue said...

Hey Jenny & Steph...do you have any boys' seersucker swimsuits in 2 or 3T?--2T would be my preferred size, unless they run small. Thanks!