Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mela Wilson and Paty

Our recent shipments have included Mela Wilson infant gowns and Paty. The Mela Wilson gowns are perfect for take home gowns or any other special occasion. Paty is one of our favorites for infants and big months for the summer! The bubbles and diaper sets are great for after the pool, playing outside and for when you need something comfortable!


White infant gown with white rosettes. One Size.
Pink gown with pink bows. One size.

White gown with blue microcheck panel and trains. One Size.

Blue gown with blue trains. One Size.
White diaper set with white trim. Sizes 3mo, 6mo and 9mo.
White diaper set with pink trim. Sizes 3mo, 6mo and 9mo.
White diaper set with blue trim. Sizes 3mo, 6mo and 9mo.
Pink day dress. Sizes 6mo and 9mo.
White kimono day gown. Sizes Preemie, Newborn and 3mo.
Pink bubble (there is also a blue one but no picture, sorry) and white bubble with pink trim. Sizes 9mo - 18mo.
White bubble with blue trim. Sizes 9mo - 18mo. Also pictured,the white bubble with pink trim.
Infant day gowns. White with blue trim, white with pink trim and white with white trim. Sizes Preemie, Newborn and 3 months.


Sue said...

do you have any more of the Paty diaper sets with the white or pink trim in 9 mo?

韓建霖 said...