Friday, September 10, 2010

New Shipments

Lots and Lots of new baby has arrived!!! There are so many new arrivals in and around Decatur that infant wear has been very popular so we have been stocking up on baby items lately. Auraluz, Paty, and Designs Especially for Baby are the newest arrivals. There are also a few toddler and big month items scattered through this post too!

Blue gingham sacque with giraffe embroidery. Sizes 0 and NB.

Pink gingham sacque with giraffe embroidery. Sizes 0 and NB.

Two piece set with a white top and light pink pants. The top has bows embroidered on it and it buttons in the back. Sizes 6mo and 12mo.

Two piece set with light blue pants and a white top with blue/green airplanes embroidered on it. Sizes 6mo and 12mo.

Pink gingham long sleeve dress with butterflies embroidered on the square collar and also a butterfly on each side of the collar on the back of the dress. Sizes 2T - 4T.

Button on short set with blue gingham shorts and a long sleeve shirt with tow trucks across the collar. Sizes 2T - 4T.
Paty sacque white with white trim, white with blue trim and white with pink trim. Sizes NB, 3mo and 6mo.

Kimono style gown. White with blue ties and white with pink ties. Sizes NB and 3mo. These are great to wear in the hospital or when you bring the baby home!
Pink/white two piece and blue/white two piece set. Sizes 6mo - 18mo.
White with blue and white with pink two piece set. Sizes 6mo - 18mo.
White/pink and blue/white long romper with short sleeves and a white with pink trim long sleeve romper. Sizes 6mo - 18mo.

****There are also blankets and caps to match all of this that I did not get a picture of...SORRY!


Burp cloths with initials.
A white linen burp cloth with blue trim.
A handkerchief bonnet.
Ecru bubble with blue smocking.
Blue day gown with blue smocking. One Size.

White linen burp cloth with swiss dots.
White day gown with white smocking and white lace down the center. This does not photograph well but it is a gorgeous gown! One size.

Pink gown with pink smocking and 3 rosebuds. One Size.

Pink day gown with pink smocking and rosebuds. One Size.

White day gown with colored rose buds. One Size.

Pink gown with smocking and rosebuds. One Size.
Pink bonnet with smocking and three rosebuds.
***There are also smocked bibs that I did not get a picture of!

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