Friday, March 4, 2011

Paty and Swaddle Designs

I unpacked a big box of Paty today and also a box from Swaddle Designs! The Paty is GREAT for this kind of weather. There are also bubbles (one of my ABSOLUTE favorites) for summer! We also got in the kimono style day gown that is perfect for your new little one to wear in the hospital or when he/she gets home! The Marquisette Swaddle Blankets are great for the upcoming warm summer days! Cotton Marquisette is similar to gauze but much softer due to finer threads and higher thread count. Large and square (46" x 46"), perfect for swaddling - and many more uses! Wonderful sunshield on the stroller on a warm summer day.
Very lightweight, openweave, made from ultra soft, 100% cotton
123 Swaddle instructions are sewn to the edge of each blanket!
White two piece pant set with blue trim. Sizes 6mo - 18mo.
White two piece pant set trimmed with pink. Sizes 6mo. - 18mo.
White two piece pant set trimmed with white. Sizes 6mo. - 18mo.
All white lap-shoulder day gown. Sizes preemie - 3mo.
White with blue trim lap-shoulder day gown. Sizes preemie, NB, 3mo.
(White with pink not shown)
All white kimono day gown. Size preemie.
White kimono day gown with blue trim. Sizes preemie and NB. White kimono day gown with pink trim. Sizes preemie, NB, 3mo.
Pink day gown with snaps down the center. Sizes Preemie and 3mo.
Blue day gown. Sizes NB and 3mo.
Pink day dress. Sizes preemie, NB, and 3mo. As this dress gets too short it is precious with bloomers/pants.
White with white lace day gown. Sizes preemie, NB, 3mo. and 6mo.
the detail around the neck
Boys blue bubble. Sizes 9 - 18mo.
Girls pink bubble. Sizes 6mo - 18mo.
Pink seersucker stripe bubble. Sizes 9mo and 12mo. This would be so cute with a monogram!
White bib with white trim, blue trim and pink trim with side snap closure.
Baby Lovie in green mod dot and blue.
Baby lovie in white minky dot with blue satin trim and pink satin trim.
Marquisette swaddling blanket in pink and blue.
As seen on "The Doctors" pastel pink paisley marquisette swaddle blanket.
Mod circles marquisette swaddle blanket. White with green, lavender with mocha, white with blue and white with pink.
White marquisette swaddle blanket with blue/mocha and pink/mocha sailboats.
White marquisette swaddle blanket with pink/mocha fish. (not pictured, blue/mocha and kiwi/mocha fish)

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