Friday, November 11, 2011


Check out all of our new gift items and clothes!!!
Bibs ( and burps in pink dot and orange dot)
Wool Change purses
(great stocking stuffers and birthday presents)Purses
Pony tail holders
Hair clips
Hair clips
Pony tail holders
Hair clips
Crayon holders. Great to put in your purse for on the go!
Car carrier.
It holds 4 cars.
Napkin clips. These are great so you don't have to remember a bib. Just use the napkin from wherever you are and clip these on the napkin and put it around the childs neck and DONE!
Pacifier clips.
Portable booster seat. This is great to use at home and on the go. It is lightweight and just clips around the back of the chair and underneath the chair. Easy to wipe clean, pack up, and go! It comes in pink and blue.
We are in LOVE with Milton the dog!
Fleece and flannel blankets.
AURALUZ (call for sizing)

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