Monday, February 25, 2008

Easter Basket Stuffers

It has been estimated that around 90% of children in the US receive some form of gift-filled Easter basket during the holiday season. A recent NCA (National Confectioners Association) survey also discovered that chocolate bunnies are the most popular Easter basket item - some 90 million are sold every year. Jelly beans come second with a staggering 16 billion jelly beans sold annually. With increasing awareness of health issues, some parents are reducing the amount of sugar treats and instead adding non-edible gifts and toys as basket stuffers. Here are some of our “healthy” suggestions from the store:
  1. A new bathing suit. Go by TJ Maxx or Target and get a cute coordinating beach towel, bring it to the store and we will have the towel and suit monogrammed to match. Then go by Old Navy and get some flip flops to complete their pool or beach attire!
  2. Fontaine Maury plates, stickers, notecards, etc. Deadline for ordering for guaranteed Easter delivery is this Friday (March 1st).
  3. Stuff plastic Easter eggs with new hairbows or monogrammed diaper covers to match their new Spring wardrobe.
  4. A new pair of Spring At Home pajamas.
  5. Clausen’s underwear for boys and girls. (I have one customer whose little boy refuses to wear anything but the boxer/brief and he always gets a new pack in his basket.)
  6. A new hooded towel from Doodlebug Designs.

What’s in your basket? Leave your ideas in the comment section and the best one will get 25% off one Spring item! Deadline is Monday, March 3rd!

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