Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring has Sprung!!!

Spring has Sprug at Eloise and Henry! We are ignoring the fact that Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) saw his shadow on Saturday...and since we hit the 70s today, it hasn't been hard! The UPS man has been a fixture at the store this week! Today he brought a huge shipment of Bella Bliss and Caramelo!

The entire family can have these adorable kiwi green check outfits either in a bubble, "Mary De" wrap dress accented with white rick rack or swing top paired with white bermuda shorts! How cute would they be monogrammed?

Another great coordinating group is the spring plaid group from Bliss...a bubble or a sleeveless dress. A pair of spring plaid shorts with a white cable knit sweater for big brother is expected later this week! All would be super cute monogrammed...even the sweater (come by later this week for examples).

More girl outfits from Bliss...a white pique aline dress with pink accents, a yellow pique aline skirt paired with tennis cardigan or a blue paisley sleeveless dress (which could also coordinate with the Spring Plaid group).

Finally from Bliss - precious seersucker boys swim suits (which also look FABULOUS monogrammed)! These are the first of many swim suits expected this spring.

Any toddler boy would be precious in either one of these outfits from Caramelo - an airplane t paired with turquoise knit cargo shorts OR a gator t with lime green knit cargo shorts.

Sisters can look great in these Caramelo outfits...a bird t with robin's egg blue ruffle shorts, an ice cream cone t with hot pink tiered ruffle skirt OR an Easter basket t with pink knit capris (which also coordinate with the bird t and shorts...so it is several outfits in one)!

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