Friday, August 28, 2009

Hand Knit Sweaters, Part 2

After putting these new sweaters on the blog yesterday our phone was ringing off the hook about them. We have a few answers to some of your questions. She will be bringing yarn swatches if you are interested in changing the colors on the sweater or the sweater color itself. She can also make the sweaters bigger, we just have a few samples to help gage your child's size. Our model, Wallace, is wearing a size 4 and he is 2 years old...just to give you an idea of how they run. The yarn is acrylic but cotton is also an option with a small increase in the price. Washing instructions: By hand in the sink with Woolite. Squeeze the water out and roll in a towel. Lay flat on the dryer and when the heat rises it will help it to dry. Please call us with questions or if you want to place an order!

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