Friday, August 28, 2009

Sophie Dess and Kissy Kissy

We were so excited when we went to market and saw that Sopie Dess was back! We used to carry their sweet knit line but they quit making it and now they are back. We have a knit gown, romper, and girl's sweater that are so sweet and the best weight for the Winter weather.
Infant gown with white buttons and a drawstring at the bottom. Sizes 1mo., 3mo., and 6mo.
White unisex romper with a diamond pattern in the fabric. Sizes 9mo - 24mo.
Girl's white sweater. Sizes 9mo. - 24mo.

Kissy Kissy
This is the only outfit that we received from Kissy Kissy but we still have plenty more to come!
Boy's baby blue knit gown with a white collar and blue smocking. Sizes NB & Small.

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