Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Cloud B Lullabags are the perfect gift for any baby, especially with the cooler weather approaching us. This bag is designed for year round use. The breathable cotton keeps baby warm in the Fall & Winter months, yet cool in the Spring & Summer months. The zipper begins at the neckline and curves around the entire side and bottom of the bag. This allows parents to open the bag partially or completely in either direction, making diaper changing very easy! It comes in two sizes, SMALL (1-6mo. or up to 28" height) and LARGE (6-18 mo. or up 35" height). We have all three colors, blue, white, and pink.

The Sleep Sheep has four soothing sounds: mother's heartbeat, spring showers, ocen waves and whale songs. There are two sleep timer options, 23 and 45 minutes. There is a velcro tab to secure the sheep to the outside of a crib and it comes with two AA batteries. There is also a sleep sheep story and numbered adoption certificate included. This is a must have for newborns!
Baby Sheep quiet rattle is perfect for a baby learning to grab objects. It is the perfect addition to any gift.

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