Thursday, October 8, 2009


We have been extremely busy the past couple of days at the store. We have received Lullaby Set, Little English, Kissy Kissy, and Royal Child. This is a long post so keep scrolling so you don't miss anything!!!


White daygown with white lace and pink daygown with white lace with bonnets to match. These are sized as ONE SIZE.
White bonnet
Pink bonnet
White, blue, and pink daygown with pleats on either side of the buttons. One Size.
Up close of the blue one
Boy's white short sleeve drawstring sacque with two buttons and blue sacque with two buttons. One Size.
White bishop romper with pink smocking and pink trim. The 18mo. is all white with white smocking. Sizes 9mo - 24mo.

The 18mo. all white one

Boy's blue sweater set trimmed with white and girl's pink sweater set. The whole outfit is sweater material but not very is the perfect weight! Sizes 6-9, 9-12, 12-18, 18-24.

Blue and pink hooded sweater with toggle buttons. Sizes 12-18 and 18-24.
For the boy's, mallard ducks for everyone, month sizes to 6! For the month sizes, a green cordurory romper with mallard ducks...sizes 12 mo - 24mo. For the toddler sizes, a longall with mallard smocking...sizes 2T - 4T. For the big sizes, a navy sweater with two buttons and a pocket with a mallard on it and green cordurory pants. Sizes 4 - 6.

The Little English knit rompers are some of our favorites!!! This one is baby blue with a firetruck applique. Sizes 12mo. - 24mo.

CHERRIES for all the girls! I left one picture out of this group but is shown below and it is a pink gingham bishop with cherries for the 2T - 4T. The far left is a pink infant gown with cherries, size 0-3mo. The second is a pink knit romper with cherries, sizes 9mo. -24mo. The third picture is a 2 piece set with a hot pink gingham top with cherry smocking and green cordurory pants...sizes 4 - 6X. The last picture is a pink sweater that buttons down the front with cherries on the front and back...sizes 4 - 6X.
Romper and daygown applique
Two-piece outfit smocking
The bishop for the toddler girls
Pink cordurory overalls with ruffles and a white long sleeve shirt with pink picot trim. Sizes 2T - 4T. The second picture is a pink cordurory pleated dress with a white long sleeve shirt with pink picot trim. Sizes 4 - 6X. Both of these outfits could be worn with another shirt underneath and the white shirt would be sweet worn by itself with a cute pair of pants or even underneath another outfit!

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